Save Money on DIY Home Renovation

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If you find yourself hammering, painting, tiling or roofing this Fall, don’t add slugging waste to your ‘To Do’ list.

I’m in the middle of a DIY home renovation right now. Demolition is the first step. We actually had to remove a wall, and I learned first-hand how dusty and heavy drywall is. While removing the wall, someone accidentally put a sledge hammer through the toilet, and we had to remove that too. Of course, I used a bin from London Bin Rentals and said goodbye to my renovation waste.

Another option, of course, would be to get rid of the DIY home renovation waste yourself. It sounds simple and cheap. You may be thinking that you’ll just borrow your brother-in-law’s pick-up truck and take the waste out to the dump yourself. But when you do the math, it’s not so simple  ─ or cheap.

Say you rent a 12 cubic yard bin from London Bin Rentals at $130 for five days. We charge you a reduced dumping fee of $85 per metric tonne for your junk because we get a bulk discount. So your total cost is $215.

If you choose to borrow a pick-up, you’ll only be able to fit one-twelfth of the junk in it. That means 12 trips to the dump at $1.24 per litre of gas (assuming your brother-in-law doesn’t need the truck back anytime soon). Without our bulk discount, you’ll have to pay up to $120 per metric tonne at the dump. Plus, you’ll have to unload everything yourself. Ouch!

In my mind, it’s worth the extra few dollars to save your back and your relationship with the in-laws.

London Bin Rental Do-it-yourself
Gas $0 $1.24/litre x 12 trips
Dumping fee $85 Up to $120/metric tonne
Bin rental $130 $0
Sunday dinners
with in-laws
Invited Not invited

Don’t delay, call today!

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