How It Works

Small – 6 Cubic Yards

Medium – 12 Cubic Yards

Large – 16 Cubic Yards

Extra Large – 20 Cubic Yards

Step 1: Choose your size

Call us at (519) 457-8888 and order the size of bin you would like, or we can help you decide which size is right for your needs. We can get your bin to you the next day, or if you book in advance, on the day you need it.

The biggest advantage in working with London Bin Rentals is that you get to deal with our friendly Operations Manager, Betsy, who is ready to answer your questions without all the “tough talk” and hard to understand industry jargon.

And because time is money, we’ve instituted a policy that has allowed us to become the most trusted name in the bin rentals business. It’s a straight forward policy that you can count on and here it is: CALL TODAY, GET IT TOMORROW 519-457-8888.

Right from your very first call you’ll notice the London Bin Rentals difference. We work with you every step of the way to make sure you get a bin that suits your needs, and your timeline. We promise that if your projects only require a small dumpster rental, we won’t even try to rent you a bigger one.

Let’s talk about costs for a moment. We are completely upfront with all of the costs associated with your project. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN FEES! If you are renting with another company, you might find that they are open with you about the bin rental fee and the dumping fees, but then hide additional service charges until after you’ve paid your deposit.

London Bin Rentals will dispose of most non-hazardous materials such as shingles, construction debris, demolition, or renovation debris, yard trimmings, green waste, household junk, appliances, furniture, scrap metal, electronics and any other odds and ends.

Call (519) 457-8888 to book your dumpster rental. If you’re in a pinch, our friendly staff can assist you with 24-hour service.

Step 2: Fill your bin

Your bin will be delivered to your driveway or worksite anytime 7:30am – 4pm with care to protect your driveway. Our courteous service doesn’t end when you’ve placed your order. We work with you to coordinate delivery and you have 2 convenient delivery windows to choose from: AM DELIVERY 7:30am – 12pm or PM DELIVERY 12pm – 4pm.

We guarantee that your dumpster rental will be delivered next day during your chosen window, and if you want, we can even have our driver call you when they are on their way.

The best thing that sets our dumpster rentals apart is that we protect your driveway. Some of our competitors’ bins have steel bottoms that can scrape and damage your driveway’s surface.

Our roll-off bins have driveway-safe rubber rollers that ensure your renovation project can be completed without risking your property value. If you are a contractor, the last thing you want is to be packing up for a job, and have your client say that you have to pay to refinish their driveway.

Your bin comes empty and ready to go. It also has barn doors which means you can walk in and fill it up.

Step 3: We pick it up

We will pick up your bin after 5 days. If you would like it to be picked up sooner or keep it longer then just give us a call.

When your bin is full and you want it removed, simply call and let us know and our friendly driver will remove it for you.

The same hours apply for pickups as they do for delivery: AM PICKUP and PM PICKUP.

When you work with London Bin Rentals, your dumpster rental is provided to you hassle-free and stress-free. Once we leave with your filled-up bin, we drive straight to the dump and empty it. And you can have piece of mind knowing that over 80% of your rubbish will be RECYCLED with no additional fees.

Why Us:

  • Real People

    You can trust us to provide you with courteous service from a real human being. You call, we answer.

  • Quick Service

    When you call us, the clock starts and we get you a bin within 24 hours. And if you can’t reach us for any reason, you can expect a call back within an hour.

  • Safe Products

    Our dumpster rentals come with rubber rollers to protect your driveway from any possible damage. Save yourself the headache: come to us.