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Garbage Bin Rental | London, Ontario

London Bin Rentals will accommodate most types of waste, but just to be sure you can check the list below.
You can also give us a call at (519) 457-8888 anytime with any questions.

Caring Team

You’ll first meet Cindy by phone, your friendly Operations Manager when you book your bin. She’s in charge of logistics and booking your bin for delivery and pick-up. You’ll then meet one of our professional drivers who are highly trained so they never damage your driveway. They’ll call en-route if you ask.


We are a Certified TRY Recycling Partner and are committed to environmental responsibility.  We are trying very hard to reduce our corporate footprint and your household footprint. If we can do a little, we do a little. If we can do a lot, we’ll do a lot!

Environmentally Friendly

We donate our time and our bins to great community causes that need our help. From women’s causes to environmentally friendly causes, we have a bonafide and genuine interest in giving back.


  • Garbage from contractors.

  • Roofing materials and disposal.

  • Junk removal.

  • Renovation material such as drywall, wood, toilets, tubs, plaster, appliances,* boxes, plumbing, skids, panelling, carpet, etc.

  • Furniture.

  • Yard waste such as brush and rotten fences. No dedicated loads of aggregate which includes concrete, gravel, stone, and soil. Some concrete, gravel or stone mixed with other waste is fine, but no dedicated loads please.

*appliance disposal fees in the City of London Ontario apply to all residents. Call us for details.

It’s as easy as picking up the phone 519-457-8888 for your Garbage Bin Rental in London Ontario

  1. We help you select the right sized bin to suit your needs.
  2. You fill it.
  3. We haul away your old roof shingles, tiles, drywall, lumber, yard waste, household items and dispose of the debris.

London Bin Rentals is operated by Founder Mark Stevens located at 2724 Roxburgh Road,Unit 8, London ON, N6N 1K9.

A family operated local business with an “A+” rating by Better Business Bureau. Up to 80% of your waste material is recycled to help protect our environment – after all, we live here too!

As a local company, we strive to 100% accountability to you, to our community, to our local environment!

Our 100% guarantee. “We guarantee 100% driveway protection with our exclusive rubber rollers on all containers. We also guarantee next day delivery.”– Mark Stevens, Founder

You can fill our bins with backyard debris, roof shingles, flooring, asphalt, bricks, garage or basement clean-up, renovation or construction waste.

We are a fully insured, WSIB compliant, licensed and Canadian owned provider of garbage containers in the London area, and we are known as the “Gentle Driveway Specialists.”

London Bin Rentals is operated by Founder Mark Stevens located at 2724 Roxburgh Road, Unit 8, London ON, N6N 1K9. A family operated local business with an “A” rating by Better Business Bureau.

Here’s what our clients have to say…

Cliff Miller

I passed your guys Info to Chris Jones at Belfor Restoration that I was impressed by your guys bin service. I install all of theyre roofs for London and surrounding. You guys dropped a bin for us today in Thorndale for a Belfor job and again great job im glad he using you guys. I have a couple more jobs coming up I’ll be using you guys for.

Cliff Miller
Chris Milne

I deal with a lot of services in my line of work and by far you’re the friendliest and most enjoyable to deal with. It’s always a pleasure to hear friendly, happy voice. I look forward to it when I call. Hope you have a great day.

Chris Milne
Marion Bonfrere

Thank you for all your help. You gave me great advice on choosing which bin to go with. I appreciated your knowledge and you were right on the money. Please note the driver who dropped off bin was excellent. Such a nice man, sorry I didn’t get his name but please thank him for me. Thanks again and I will definetly be recommending your company to people.

Marion Bonfrere
Ben Loveda

I got your e-mail below and received your invoice today. You have been so generous!! You gave us excellent customer service, timely delivery and you had a thoroughly positive attitude. Thank-you again, Mark.  We will be quick to recommend your service to anyone thinking of a bin rental. If you want an honest positive testimonial, I will be happy to offer it.

Ben Loveda
Glenn Avola

Thank you so much for providing bins delivered to our work yard in such short notice as well as pick-up and replace the bins as needed. We were in a position in where we had to clear out our yard immediately and you came through for us like a champ! I was also pleasantly surprised when I received the invoice. I was not penalized  with a “rush charge”, on the contrary, The bill was lower than expected. You have always treated us as if you truly appreciate our business. I will always recommend London Bin Rentals to friends and customers for their bin requirements!

Glenn Avola