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Bite The Bullet and Get Rid of Your Junk

Sitting on a patio, swimming in a pool, soaking up the sun, and having to get rid of your junk from your home are all popular summer activities. London Bin Rentals is busiest in the summer when the weather makes renovations and junk removal easier. Now is a perfect time to get rid of your junk […]

Save Money on DIY Home Renovation

If you find yourself hammering, painting, tiling or roofing this Fall, don’t add slugging waste to your ‘To Do’ list. I’m in the middle of a DIY home renovation right now. Demolition is the first step. We actually had to remove a wall, and I learned first-hand how dusty and heavy drywall is. While removing the wall, someone accidentally put a […]

Problem Solving: Clearing Renovation Junk

Problem Solving: Clearing Renovation Junk I’m there to solve their garbage problems. What could be easier than having a gigantic garbage dumpster on your driveway to get rid of all the renovation junk? Although I have university degrees in both psychology and teaching, I find my greatest satisfaction in running London Bin Rentals. Perhaps there is some […]

Why the Garbage Dumpster Business?

Oscar the grouch is my favourite Sesame Street character, and I’ve always liked big trucks. So running London Bin Rentals, a garbage dumpster rental company, allows me to pursue my childhood passions while helping homeowners in London solve one of their biggest problems – garbage. When any homeowner decides to do any kind of renovations, they end […]